I saw this picture and instantly thought that it was perfect for inspiration for my film. I think it is a fantastic way to show how unstable a person can be on a palm tree as well as it shows the proportions of the human body compared to the size of the tree.


cuban vacation

This is the music that I will be using for my film, I think it has a nice light desert island feel which might even add a humourous quality to the work. The uploaded file is the three minute song. I also now hold the lisence for this music which allows me to use it for private use and small commercial use. This music might be changed depending how the animation turns out and if I decide on something different.


some background inspirations......all photos are my own (primary research).....



Here are some of the backgrounds that i will be using in my film, obviously they are subject to change. I wanted to give it that typical animated look, with a dreamy type feeling that might come along in a desert island story...


Character Designs

Originally I wanted to use two characters for my film. One was to be very small and skinny with an evilish outlook and the other very tall and with lots of muscle with a very dopey look about him. But when it came to designing these two characters I somehow decided to make the more evil of the two look very short, stumpy and quite large and the second one very tall and lanky with the remaining dopeness about him. I thought this would make the film look more interesting and maybe even take on a more original turn as far as the characters are concerned.